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    This varies a great deal and depends on numerous factors, but typically we recommend providing us with 2 weeks’ notice. However, in the unpredictable world of moving to a new house, we appreciate it doesn’t always work this way and we will always strive to accommodate your move even if we have just a few hours’ notice! As a large company we do have access to a large pool of resources to ensure you are not left without a removal company.

    Are my possessions covered for loss or damage?

    Yes, if you take advantage of the insurance cover we offer. Please read the prospectus and Valuation Form and complete the form with care to arrange the insurance. Our liability to you is restricted in accordance with our Terms and Conditions so arranging insurance is important.

    I’m packing the boxes – but what about the furniture, appliances and large pictures?

    If you have requested to do your own packing, you only need to concern yourself with the smaller items which fit into boxes. Anything else will be wrapped and protected by us during transit to ensure it arrives safely.

    What about clothes?

    Irrespective of whether you are packing, or we are packing, for hanging clothes we will bring wardrobe boxes on the day. Soft clothing such as jumpers and socks can usually be left inside chests of drawers.

    What do I need to do in advance?

    If we are packing – very little, we will pack out of cupboards and off of shelves. If you’re packing, you need to have finished the packing, so it is ready to move. Our surveyor will have completed a schedule of services to clarify what we are expected to do or not do on the day with regard to dismantling furniture and items which are not to be moved. However, the following rules usually apply;

    Washing machines should be disconnected with drum fixing brackets in place, by you on, or prior to, the day.

    Lofts should be emptied unless we have specifically agreed to do this for you.

    Freezers should be emptied and dried. Otherwise they are heavy, leak water in the vehicle onto the rest of the consignment and your food may defrost. When it is delivered, it should be left to stand for a little while before being plugged in.

    Parking. If parking is an issue, you must arrange for sufficient space outside your property for the parking of our vehicle. Please consider leaving enough space for the parking of the equivalent of a double decker bus (approximately 5 average car lengths.)

    Items not to go such as important paperwork and keys need to be placed out of the way. Our staff work very quickly, and we do not want to load anything onto the van which you need to keep on you.

    When do I pay?

    After loading your possessions, an invoice is presented to you for payment to be made to our Spanish bank account

    Look after the environment!

    To reduce paper consumption, if you can correspond via email, please let us know and we can do so accordingly.